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Greetings and Welcome to The Tower of Trunks

Greetings! It has been ages since I last updated, and I'm most likely going to close this page unless I get some major crys from fans to keep it open...I'll probally keep my webring and my topsites still running since they are popular and still getting hits. If you would like to email me and ask for this page to stay and maybe get updated then please Contact Me at Thanks!

Last update: 02/07/09
Page Created: 00/04/20 (i think)

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This page is dedicated to my fave DBZ/GT Character Trunks! This page will specialize on Trunks but i hope to expand to the rest of the characters.
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Tower of Trunks Top 100: My new Top 100 DBZ (mostly trunks) sites!!! if you have a DBZ page please join!!!
The Trunks Guild: This is my Trunks Webring, please join!
How to link me: If you are willing to link me then check out this page for the html to do so (and i'll be happy to link you back!!)
Links: A collection of Trunks (and other) links.
Image Gallery: A gallery full of Trunks pix, includes other character and group shots.
Site Stuff: Stuff that you can use on your site, backgrounds, buttons, etc.


-added a new counter since my other one didn't work right.
-added a bunch of new
links and took out the ones that didn't work
-I know this is a lame update after so long, but I _did_ clear 46 msg out of my email inbox *shadowess beams*

-changed my ring from yahoo to ringsurf and changed the html fragment on my main page
-planning to update this page soon with lots of multimedia, fanfics and more...check back soon cuz it's going to happen this week (i hope)

-added my Tower of Trunks Top 100
-added this update list
-made my first banner and make a Link Me Page
-added links to my other anime pages
-plan to get my image map up today, and update my links list


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